Ramblings and Technical Info

All the photographs shown are available for sale. They are printed on double weight silver gelatin paper, processed to archival standards and mounted on 4 ply museum board.

Please contact me for information about costs, sizes, shipping information and anything else. I will set up an account with PayPal to sell prints in the very near future.

Thanks for making it this far.

I was thinking of separating the page into: the amazing and wonderful sites that the very unwilling (get too close and I'll cut you) subjects reside at; camera info, to include the Super Graphic line and the world famous 120 folding cameras both of which have been modified to take the photos on this site; the really wonderful combination of Kodak Technical Pan film, in 120, and Rodinal, highly diluted.

What do you think?

Please check back or send off an email to me with questions.